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India makes a lesson for a stepdaughter with boyfriend

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India makes a lesson for a stepdaughter with boyfriend
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Added: 24 September 2021
Duration: 06:43
Pornstar: India Summer
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A sexy blonde at the age of India Summers was very strict with her stepdaughter Ariana Marie. The girl was young and beautiful, so the adult blonde envied her beauty and hated her mother. Ariana Marie did not want to destroy her father's happiness, so she had to endure her spiteful stepmother and indulge her. Ariana Marie cleaned up in the kitchen early in the morning. India Summers approached her and made a note of her clothes because the girl wore short black shorts and a provocative blouse with open shoulders. Suddenly my father came home, so India Summers went into the hallway. At that moment, Xander Corvus, the girl's friend, knocked on the back door. They have not had sex for a long time, so the guy immediately began to kiss the brunette, touching her body through clothes. A minute later the face of Ariana Marie was at the level of his kicky-wicky. The girl began to do blowjob, as suddenly India Summers came into the room. The woman tore the girl from the guy's fuck beggar and sent her to her father so that Ariana Marie would greet him. At the same time, India Summers did not drive Xander Corvus out of the house, she decided to seduce the youngster and began to suck his whoopee stick. Suddenly Ariana Marie returned to the kitchen. Seeing how she began licks the head of the peacocks of her boyfriend, the girl was beside herself with rage. To get out of this unpleasant situation, India Summers told Ariana Marie that she wanted to show the little girl a lesson in sex. The girl liked this idea, so she allowed India Summers to put the Xander Corvus’ dick inside the python syphon. The guy rolled the penis of two slippers and ended them on their faces.

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