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Good daddy’s teaching his stepdaughter something new

Подпишись на канал
Good daddy’s teaching his stepdaughter something new
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Added: 24 September 2021
Duration: 07:43
Channel: Dad Crush

This man is seriously concerned about the private life of his young stepdaughter. He thinks that the girl will never have a boyfriend because she is too modest and inexperienced. One day, the good daddy decided to teach her everything he knew. He entered the room where his stepdaughter lives and started with active actions. The girl just chose clothes and was in one underwear. They went to another room, where there was a large sofa and daddy began to explain to her what to do. The girl did not have to beg for a long time. The baby was very inexperienced, so he forgave her indecisive actions. First, the girl picked up his hard cock and then began to suck his plump lips. Every minute the girl was acting all confident. Finally, she decided she was ready for something more than a blowjob. The girl spread her long legs and allowed the man to insert a member into her shaved pussy. He fucked the cutie in a variety of poses, and she moaned loudly from new and unfamiliar sensations, but very pleasant. Probably, it was the first serious experience of this cutie with an adult man who was her close person. He was able to teach her the secrets of sex and was sure that she got enough experience for a new relationship.

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