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Two young girls paid for being bad in stealing

Подпишись на канал
Two young girls paid for being bad in stealing
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Added: 2 October 2021
Duration: 08:53
Pornstar: Ariana Marie

Two pour college students Ariana Marie and Amanda Aims were just trying to get some cash money from their friend’s wallet. But they were not fast enough – so the guy caught them while splitting the money. He got very angry with this. He did not believe, that girls did not take anything, so he decided to search clearer. First, he took off their blouses and looked if there was something under. What he found there made him very horny – two pairs of tight standing boobs looking right on him. Then he turned their backs to him and slapped their little asses – they deserve some punishment for trying to steal. But the girls looked at him so innocent – and he decided to forgive them. Especially when both of them went down on their knees and started to suck his cock. They appeared to be not innocent at all. They sucked and licked his cock very nicely together. Then they went to the bed and started to kiss and caress each other. When they both lied down in front of him with their legs open – the guy started to try them both with his fingers first. What he found there was very exciting. Both of the pussies were very wet and ready for him. Then he fucked first one of them from the front, then from the back to their little asses. The girls enjoyed it a lot – he punished them good. And so, at the end, he gave them his cock and came on their faces.

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