Scruffy dude manages to bed both his stepsister and her BFF

Scruffy dude manages to bed both his stepsister and her BFF
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Added: 28 September 2021
Duration: 11:30
Pornstar: Alex Blake
Pornstar: Gracie Green
Pornstar: Logan Long
Channel: Bratty Sis
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Here we have two stunning teen girls – Alex Blake and Gracie Green. Both Alex and Gracie are extremely playful, so we see (through the eyes of Alex's stepbrother) them enjoying a rather titillating pillow fight in lingerie because that's what girls do. The stepbrother decides to intervene causing Gracie to get all horny cuz he's such a beefcake. One of the girls whacks him over the head with a pillow and he comedically oversells this pillow shot by playing possum… Except not, he actually loses consciousness! Instead of resuscitating him, girls take lewd pictures next to his cock. Gracie doesn't mind fucking him, so she starts jerking that boner right away. Alex is pretty hesitant but decides to join the fun later on. At this point, we should definitely mention Alex's heart-shaped pubes. So cute! Anyway, after so much build-up, we get to see one of the most passionate FFM scenes out there. Both Alex and Gracie give it their 110%. It's so fun watching them take turns getting fucked by a throbbing boner!

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