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A game that a step sister is playing with her brother

Подпишись на канал
A game that a step sister is playing with her brother
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Added: 18 September 2021
Duration: 24:05
Channel: Pure Taboo

Whitney Wright is a bored teenage girl who doesn’t like to stay home alone. But her parents make her and she has nothing to do. So she decides to play a little with vegetables and fruits, so she is putting some of them in her pussy or in her ass hole. On some point of this game, she realizes that the carrot stuck inside of her ass hole. She is too embarrassed to call her parents so she is calling her stepbrother, who she is sure can help her. The guy is running home, as his sister was crying on the phone. When he finds her in the bathroom with a carrot in her ass, he is shocked first. Then he is taking the girl to the bed and helping her to remove the carrot. The girl is very thankful. She wants to pay him back. So she decides to give him a nice blowjob. The guy is enjoying it a lot. But he is not sure if it is right. So next the girl is turning her ass to him and offering him to do some anal sex with her. He goes on with sex. So they both are enjoying it a lot. They are doing doggy style first and the girl is very happy having his dick inside of her, not a carrot this time. Then he is fucking her to her ass from the front. The girl seems to be very happy about it. Then step brother and step sister realize that the sex is great and continue with some more positions.

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