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A little and cute girl seduces her adult stepdad

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A little and cute girl seduces her adult stepdad
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Added: 13 October 2021
Duration: 07:44
Pornstar: Rina Ellis
Channel: Dad Crush

One day the girl Rina Ellis became very bored, and she decided to seduce her stepfather. She waited until her mother left the house on business, and quickly jumped naked in the parent's bedroom. The man did not expect this and was very surprised. But the girl softly began to calm him, and soon he began to feel calm. The little girl liked this man for a long time, but she could not tell him about it because he was her stepfather. She smoothly unbuttoned his pants and reached his big dick. The man liked this course of events, and he allowed the girl to do it. She started gently sucking his cock, and the man got a lot of fun. The girl began to accelerate the pace, and the man could not restrain himself from screaming. Then she went to the testicles, and also licked them well. The man tried to hide that he was very pleased that the girl did it all as long as possible. In the end, the girl sat down on a warm cock and began to gradually work with her narrow hole. She actively drove by her juicy booty, and it gave a lot of pleasure to both partners. In the end, he gave a piece of sperm into the girl's face and forced her to lick it by her tongue. They were satisfied.

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