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Skinny Emily Willis punished by her pervert father

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Skinny Emily Willis punished by her pervert father
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Added: 27 September 2021
Duration: 11:55
Pornstar: Emily Willis
Channel: Pure Taboo

Brunette skinny teen Emily Willis came home early in the morning and she was doing all the best not to get caught by her strict father, but, unfortunately for her, he was waiting for young lady in the kitchen and he was ready to punish young girl for a bad behavior. So, after having serious talk with her, he spanked her butt, but it wasn’t the hardest stuff in her punishment, because the next thing he did, he took his cock out of pants and forced young slut to give old fart deepthroat blowjob, and being high experienced slut, she did it well. The next stage of such a crazy punishment was about drilling her pussy and as Emily took spread-eagle position, he pushed his giant cock deep inside her cunt to get it banged in spread-eagle position. It is worth to note, that he father is quite experienced in sex too and especially in everything about hardcore fuck, and it was the main reason, why his skinny daughter was screaming so loud. But it was still not enough to finish a punishment and after banging her in doggy style, he screwed her wet pussy in spread-eagle for another one time, before he came right inside her pussy to get it filled with a fresh cum.

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