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Curly teen Gabriela Lopez got fucked by her stepdad

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Curly teen Gabriela Lopez got fucked by her stepdad
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Added: 27 September 2021
Duration: 07:43
Channel: Dad Crush

All the time when Latina teenage slut Gabriela Lopez is doing something wrong, her strict stepdad shouting on poor girl. But, fortunately, she found a way to shup him up. The fact is, her stepdad is an avid perv and the only thing he loves in his boring life is to drill some pussy. So, as old fart starting shouting on her, she is spreading her legs and sucking his dick. So, as she came home too fucking late and, moreover, she was so fucking drunk, her stepdad began yelling on her, but tricky teen brought him to the bathroom and let him to wank her shaved pussy and, as usual, her plan worked good and this shit helped her to avoid his punishment. On the next day, he came into her room and found awful mess inside it. So, obnoxious guy began yelling on her again, but as he kneeled in front of him and gave him amazing deepthroat blowjob, old guy shut his fucking mouth up. On the next day he found another one reason hassled her again and then she decided to put a fine point on this shit and took off her panties to get fucked in few positions and then to get facialized as well. How do you think about this shit? He's doing it on purpose or not?

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