Stepdad secretly fucks blonde stepdaughter Jadyn Hayes

Stepdad secretly fucks blonde stepdaughter Jadyn Hayes
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Added: 25 September 2021
Duration: 07:43
Channel: Dad Crush
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Jadyn’s stepmother got married and now she gets loving stepfather. But her mom doesn’t know yet that her new husband was fucking her daughter for a quite long time and, despite he decided to stop banging her, Jadyn were still trying to seduce him at all costs. So, one day after family dinner, she decided to act and after sucking his cock secretly from her mom, she finally did it and then they decided to find more private place to fuck then a kitchen. As soon as they came to her bedroom, sex-starved chick taken off her dress and lay her sexy legs, giving him that she wanted his dick inside her. So, he decided not to waste a time and started drilling his kinky relative in quite hard and intensive style. But suddenly, mom gets upstairs and practically found them fucking, but that time they were lucky and after she gets out of the room, they continued to make love again. It is worth to note, that Jadyn is insatiable in everything about sex and only after he fucked her in few other positions, she takes his cock to receive messy cumshot at her face, exactly at that moment, when mom opened a door of her room once again.

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