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Sabrina was fucked by a master for her inconsistency

Подпишись на канал
Sabrina was fucked by a master for her inconsistency
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Added: 24 September 2021
Duration: 07:54
Channel: Brutal X

Sabrina Banks had problems with the wiring, but the girl was in a great hurry to meet her friend, so she summoned the master to the house. The guy was almost two hours late, and when he got to work, he was distracted by a phone call. The brunette was very angry, because she was already late for the meeting, and she did not want to pay for such unprofessional work. So, Sabrina Banks snatched the phone from the repairman and made a comment. The guy did not like the words of the picky lady, so he decided to punish her. Grabbing a slender brunette from behind, he tore off her topic in one movement and bare her breasts. Putting Sabrina Banks on his knees, the man unzipped his pants and took out his instrument from his pants, and then slipped it into the brunette's mouth. Taking her by the head, the repairman began to force the girl to swallow her dick whole by the balls. Rude treatment so liked Sabrina Banks, that when the master broke her panties and began to lick her piss fenders, the girl did not resist. The guy realized that he liked the brunette because her cum dump was wet and without the help of his tongue, so he immediately plunged his penis into her bored stinky speedway. The bulky guy's hose pierced the sugar hole of the disgruntled client entirely, so Sabrina Banks became happier every time she entered her serpent socket. When the master finished on the girl's face, Sabrina Banks quickly kicked him out of the house, but deep down the girl was satisfied.

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